Capital Update
August 27, 2012
Upcoming Education

September 14 - Effective Appraisal Writing (Co-Sponsored w/N-VA Chapter) - Dulles, VA Click here for details.

September 19-20 - Advanced Residential Applications & Case Studies, Pt. I - Dulles, VA Click here for details.

September 21-22, 24-25 - Advanced Residential Report Writing, Pt. II - Dulles, VA Click here for details..

November 14 - Real Estate Update - Arlington, VA Details to Come

December 13 - 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

December 14 - Business Practices and Ethics - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

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Welcome to New Members!

Jessica Stumme

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Help Strengthen Our Profession: Designated Members as Candidate Advisors

Are you interested in helping to grow the ranks of designated members? If so, you can help Candidates for Designation by becoming an Advisor for Candidates. Key roles and responsibilities for Advisors are as follows:

  1. To know the basic requirements for the MAI and/or SRA designations.
  2. To have regular contact (at least quarterly) with the Candidate in person, via phone and/or via email;
  3. To respond to the Candidate’s questions, concerns, and requests as appropriate;
  4. To encourage and help the Candidate with creating achievable timelines for completing designation requirements;
  5. To monitor the Candidate’s progress towards designated membership on the timelines created and to encourage the Candidate to be accountable for meeting such timelines;
  6. To encourage the Candidate to complete all designation requirements and become a Designated Member;
  7. To guide the Candidate to appropriate resources, such as Appraisal Institute admissions staff members and information on the Appraisal Institute web site;
  8. To coach the Candidate through active listening, observation and support;and
  9. To encourage the Candidate to manage his/her own learning.

For more information, go to the advisor information section of the Candidate for Designation portion of our website at this link.

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Want to Boost Your Income? Become a Designated Member!

A statistically significant higher proportion of designated members earn more than $100,000 per year compared to associate members and nonmember appraisers. Click here for a salary comparison.

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In This Issue
Virtual Chapter Meeting – 11:30am Wednesday, September 26

Please join us at 11:30am on Wednesday, September 26 to discuss several issues of importance to appraisers in the metro DC area. Topics we'll cover include:

  • Recent legislative and regulatory initiatives in MD and VA which directly affect area appraisers
  • AIDC's plans to support the Candidate for Designation program
  • Proposals for 2013 continuing education

We'll be looking for your input on these and other relevant issues. Click the link below to register today!


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Candidate for Designation Program - Sign Up Today and Save!

The August 31 deadline for Early Election into the Candidate for Designation program is approaching soon! 

Click here and follow the link titled "Sign Up."  You will then be directed to login to your account to access the enrollment/election form.

A couple of key points / reminders / clarifications:

  • No fees are due now
  • The early election period (which ends 8/31/12) saves you $55 on your annual fee
  • The early election period is primarily for planning purposes\Candidates will be able to select their own Advisors or ask to be paired with an Advisor (once Advisors are approved)
  • Affiliates and Practicing Affiliates electing into Candidate status after 1/1/2013 will be subject to the CURRENT designation requirements, and may risk taking additional classes and/or losing credit for classes.  For example, Advanced Education must be taken within the past 10 years, and everyone is required to pass the new advanced "Quantitative Analysis" exam.  You retain your current "path" if you elect into Candidacy by 12/31/2012; otherwise, you risk being subject to new requirements.

When January 1st hits, AI's database will automatically begin differentiating between Designated members, Candidates, Practicing Affiliates, and Affiliates.  If you have ANY interest in pursuing designated membership, we ask that you complete the Candidate election form now.  Enrolling early helps everyone.  Even if you are on track for becoming designated by the end of the year, please go ahead and fill out the form.  FYI... The December 2012 Comp Exam will NOT be graded until January 4th, 2013, so don't fall between the cracks. 

Alternatively, if you have no plans to seek designated membership at this time, please complete page 2 of the election form, which indicates that you are not pursuing designated membership or that you are a trainee and may seek designated membership in the future. An overview of the Candidate for Designation Program is found here.

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