Capital Update
May 23, 2012
Upcoming Education

June 18-19 - Real Estate Finance, Statistics and Valuation Modeling (Co-Sponsored w/MD Chapter) - Linthicum, MD Click here for details.

June 18-23 - Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (Co-Sponsored w/MD Chapter) - Linthicum, MD Click here for details.

August 15 - Evaluating Residential Construction - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

August 16-17 - Evaluating Commercial Construction - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

September 14 - Effective Appraisal Writing (Co-Sponsored w/N-VA Chapter) -
Dulles, VA Details to come.

September 19-20 - Advanced Residential Applications & Case Studies, Pt. I - Dulles, VA Click here for details.

September 21-22, 24-25 - Advanced Residential Report Writing, Pt. II - Dulles, VA Click here for details..

December 13 - 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

December 14 - Business Practices and Ethics - Rockville, MD Click here for details.

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Welcome to New Members!

Steve Agarwal
Matthew Allan Bowen
Victor Emmanuel Brown, III
Cliftine Jones
Ngoc Duy Phung

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Get Involved with the Leadership Resource Registry

We have launched the Leadership Resource Registry for submissions. You have the opportunity to submit your preferences for volunteer service on the chapter, regional and national level. You may also indicate your interest for service on future project teams, panels and other leadership positions.

To access the registry:

You will automatically be walked through the Service Registry application to outline your interests and strengths. You can then select the chapter, regional and/or national level registry to identify the committees or panels on which you have an interest in serving.

For questions regarding chapter committees, members may contact you chapter's executive director. For questions on the regional and national level, please contact Ashley Forman at aforman@appraisalinstitute.org.

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Want to Boost Your Income? Become a Designated Member!

A statistically significant higher proportion of designated members earn more than $100,000 per year compared to associate members and nonmember appraisers. Click here for a salary comparison.

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In This Issue

President's Message - Candidate for Designation Program Webinar 
June Education Opportunities
Get Involved with the Leadership Resource Registry
Welcome New Members
Want to Boost Your Income? Become a Designated Member!

President's Message - Candidate for Designation Program Webinar

Dear AIDC Members,

Please join us on Wednesday, June 13, for an informational webinar explaining the new Candidate for Designation program. Signup for Associate members will begin June 1. The free one-hour webinar will cover:

  • Candidate for Designation program overview and background
  • Program benefits
  • Candidate qualifications
  • Associate member enrollment process
  • Candidate advisor initiative
  • Program fees and requirements 

Date: Wednesday, June 13 
Time: 10 a.m. PT, 11 a.m. MT, 12 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. ET 
Speaker: AI President-Elect, Richard L. Borges II, MAI, SRA

Space is limited, so register today! If you are unable to attend this webinar, don't worry. The recorded presentation will be available to all Appraisal Institute members.

Click here to register now.

The Candidate for Designation program, which takes effect on Jan. 1, 2013, will help identify and motivate qualified individuals to become designated in a timelier and more effective manner so that they can use their skills to better serve the public. 

Donald S. Boucher, SRA
2012 President of AIDC

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June Education Opportunities

Real Estate Finance Statistics & Valuation Modeling (REVISED)
June 18 - 19, 2012

Updated to Reflect Today's Economy!

This two-day course provides an introduction to statistics, real estate finance, and modeling with applications to residential and commercial real estate appraisal. On the first day, you will develop an understanding of basic statistics and statistical analysis and learn how those skills can be used in valuation and evaluation practice.

On day two, you will gain an introductory understanding of real estate finance markets, learn about credit conditions and their impact values on appraisal, and calculate and interpret fundamental numbers on loan payments and balances.

Successful completion of the course and exam should satisfy most states’ education requirements in the content area identified as real estate finance, statistics, and valuation modeling. Participants should understand that this course will be a review and will not address more advanced topics.

This course revision includes an update on financial history and the future implications of the burst housing bubble. A discussion on how mortgages impact value also was added, as well as measuring volatility and standard deviations.

Note: Real Estate Finance, Statistics, and Valuation Modeling was designed according to the broad topical guidelines of the Appraisal Qualification Board as part of qualifying (i.e., prelicensing) education for both residential and general certified appraisers.

Click here for details & registration.

Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use
June 18 - 22, 2012

The 35-hour Advanced Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use course implements a blended learning approach, which includes a pre-class, two-hour onlinesession combined with 30 hours of traditional classroom education and wraps up with a three-hour exam on the fifth morning.


Combining the analytical processes of market analysis, highest and best use, and income valuation, this course is intended for those who have taken and passed the General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use course and have a thorough understanding of the mathematical and financial principles necessary to perform appraisals of income-producing properties.

Building on the Level B marketability studies that were applied in General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use, you will perform Level C marketability studies using fundamental demand analysis and study several real estate markets in a fictional city.

The economic base of the community is explored, and it is used as the subject and example for both physical and economic forces that affect all communities and consequently all real estate.

The remainder of the course consists of four case studies (apartment and condominium conversion, retail, industrial, and land with potential for mixed-use development) that are intended to demonstrate both the power of fundamental market analysis and its application to highest and best use decisions.

Click here for details & registration. 

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