2014 IRS Valuation Summit

Nearly 160 professionals from the real estate valuation community came together on Tuesday, October 21 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC to explore:

  • Cutting edge tax and valuation expertise and training
  • Current tax issues relevant to the appraisal profession
  • Dealing with the IRS in the current regulatory environment
  • What the IRS is looking for in valuations in support of tax matters
  • Recent Tax Court rulings and their impact on valuation
  • Penalties that can be levied by the IRS and how to avoid them


Here are just a few of the comments from attendees:

  • "Class-A event!"
  • "Throughout, all the examples of “real-life” cases and their outcomes were riveting."
  • "There were many, many good things to come out of this one!  I loved how the experts disagreed and I loved seeing how the IRS' people were everyday folk,  a little automated, but e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.   I don't know how you could have found some better Judges to come and comment. I sure will be more diligent with my next fractional interest write-up!"
  • "The partial interest discounting segment seemed outside my immediate realm, but as I listened, I realized that I have been involved in complex estate valuations where I had to estimate discounts for partial interests and I should keep up with the theory and methodology required for those assignments...I enjoyed the Valuation Summit very much and thought it was money well spent."
  • "The best take-away was the panel with both tax court judges.  It gave insight to areas of valuation that few appraisers ever get the opportunity to experience."
  • "I loved Ross Nager’s definition of fair market value: The value agreed to by an unwilling IRS agent and an unwilling taxpayer representative, neither of whom have ever bought or sold anything of substantial value, and both being under compulsion to settle the case."

Click here to view the program, handouts & photos.

For a taste of what' was covered, check out this video from Eric Garfield, MAI and Terry Dunkin, MAI, SRA, SRPA - What Appraisers Need to Know About Valuation for Tax Issues.

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and Washington DC Metro Area Chapters of the Appraisal Institute


October 21, 2014

Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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